JPA Services


We strive to be budget friendly as we understand everyone is in different situations! Our purpose is to customise our services as much as possible to make it work for you and to know you are receiving the support you need. We are also NDIS registered and we have a wide range of services that can help support you.

We offer a range of packages as we have such a wide range of services, if you are after a specific service with special requirements please to not hesitate to reach out.

Pre Paid Packages

If you are requiring blocks of hours that will not be ongoing we suggest purchasing this package. A few options to choose from depending on what you will need but no hidden cost’s or any contracts. The more hours purchased you will get a discount and you don’t need to use the hours all at once.

LIGHT: 5 hours = $250

Medium: 10 hours =$450

Large: 20 hours = $800

Extensive: 40 hours = $1450


This package is based on a minimum of 3 months and for the more ongoing amounts of work.

20 hours: $800

40 hours: $1500

60 hours: $2200


This package is for your every day to day errands such as housekeeping, gardening, personal shopping etc. We do have a minimum of 2 hours for our Housekeeping services.

$40 per hour